Vision Statement

Shape a safe and efficient network of streets, sidewalks, and drainage which add value to and meet the needs of the Conway community

8 Goals

  • In 2035, Conway will have a pedestrian network connected to trails, parks, schools, shopping, dining, and other amenities which is essential to creating a Walk-Friendly Community.
  • In 2035, Conway will have design standards and streetscape plans to include underground utilities and more natural design elements in roadway & sidewalk construction to improve aesthetic value and make Conway more pleasing and unique.
  • In 2035, Conway will continue to prioritize round-a-bouts and communicate with the public about their timeline for future installation.
  • In 2035, Conway will have a comprehensive drainage plan, so that development improves both new and existing drainage as well as protects citizens and businesses from flooding.
  • In 2035, Conway will have traffic calming and control measures installed on busy streets where pedestrians cross on a regular basis, increasing safety.
  • In 2035, Conway will have implemented a more complete system to determine all impacts of further annexations, as well as current network improvements, so that the city can evaluate the long-term financial impact of accepting new streets, sidewalks, and drainage infrastructure into the city system.
  • In 2035, Conway has plans for future streets that are firmly grounded in the comprehensive master street plan that provides guiding principles for expansion and ensures sustainable growth is seamless, fluid, and logical.
  • In 2035, Conway has beautified the area along the interstate corridor to make Conway aesthetically pleasing and unique.

5 Ways Individuals Can Support This Sector

  • Support reasonable tax proposals that support these goals, and vocally advocate for those proposals through social media and other public forums.
  • Raise awareness and educate the public on the value of connected and complete streets through walk and ride-to-work events, adopt-a-street or public rights-of-way, etc.
  • Plant trees in your own yards or spaces that will absorb rain water and reduce stress on the drainage system.
  • Elect leaders that support these goals.
  • Conway holds city-wide clean-ups and participates in the Great Arkansas Clean-up

5 Ways Organizations Can Support This Sector

  • Coordinate volunteers to clean up trash and clear debris from sidewalks, drains, and bike lanes.
  • Use art to engage the public and communicate the function and importance of local storm drains.
  • Provide incentives for employees who engage in alternative transportation.
  • Organize responsible tree planting efforts to protect pedestrians/bikers, aid in drainage, as well as help with aesthetics.
  • Provide Volunteer Time Off (VTO) for employees to aid in public efforts.

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