Vision Statement

Conway is nationally recognized for its economically stable, collaborative and thriving businesses, both small and large, and entrepreneurial community which is supported by a strong pipeline of local and diverse talent.

9 Goals

  • In 2035, the Arnold Innovation Center is a centrally located business support center providing essential support resources to entrepreneurs and growing Conway businesses, including business coaching, consulting, training, access to subject matter expertise, co-working space, and more.
  • In 2035, Conway has numerous seasoned business leaders who are volunteering their time each week to mentor other businesses.
  • In 2035, Conway has a thriving minority-owned business community that is consistently engaged in the community and in helping one another thrive.
  • In 2035, Conway is nationally recognized for its business-friendly government and community environment.
  • In 2035, a clear partnership exists in Conway between business and education to ensure we are producing a job ready workforce.
  • In 2035, Conway has a successful track record of retaining and growing existing businesses.
  • In 2035, Conway has a thriving small business community that consistently celebrates new openings and continued successes.
  • In 2035, Conway is known regionally and nationally for the quality and availability of our talent pool.
  • In 2035, Conway has an active and thriving investor community, investing private capital in all stages and sizes of ventures.

5 Ways Individuals Can Support This Sector

  • Stay actively involved with Conway-live, shop, educate and advocate for Conway’s future.
  • Loyally shop local and small first.
  • Recruit friends in other communities to come and enjoy what Conway has to offer.
  • Support/encourage local businesses by sharing positive experiences and showing grace with unpleasant ones.
  • Share local businesses on social media.

3 Ways Organizations Can Support This Sector

  • Investing into local businesses: corporations, organizations, and city government proactively look for ways to support Conway area businesses
  • Training: organizations look for opportunities to share their expertise with others
  • Mentoring: established businesses actively seek opportunities to mentor new small businesses

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