Vision Statement

In 2035, Conway public art is integral to the city’s reputation as an educational and cultural destination in Arkansas.

9 Goals

  • In 2035, Conway will have a Director of Arts and Culture.
  • In 2035, Conway will establish a marketing strategy that includes a recognizable brand element, marketing plan for digital, and print promotion of the arts.
  • In 2035, Conway will have regularly scheduled unique-to-Conway art events for consistency and promotion (ex: quarterly art walks).
  • In 2035, Conway will have a known, self-guided arts tour with resources like QR codes to a public art landing page, map of art locations, and education of installation meaning/purposes.
  • In 2035, Conway will have multiple installations of various sizes and mediums spread throughout Conway.
  • In 2035, Conway will have added an art-focused component to prominent websites and social media accounts based in Conway to raise awareness and interest in public local art.
  • In 2035, Conway will have hired a facilitator to produce a two to five year plan to outline the development and foster an interest in public art.
  • In 2035, Conway will establish an entertainment, performing arts, public arts, and regional shopping destination in downtown Conway.
  • In 2035, Conway will connect Conway arts to state agencies, tourism, Department of Heritage, the Arts Council, etc. in order to be included in their list of recognized art communities.

5 Ways Individuals Can Support This Sector

  • Community members, organizations, and businesses will collaborate to fundraise through sponsorships, arts auctions, and corporate giving benefitting Arts in Conway.
  • Community members will volunteer to help with facilitation and promotion of arts and culture related events.
  • The Conway community will be encouraged and incentivized to share social media and print marketing promoting arts and culture events.
  • Conway individuals and families will attend events and invite friends and family from outside Conway who would be offered special lodging rates and restaurant deals.
  • The Conway community will begin creating online (user generated) content and sharing resources to drive traffic to Conway Arts social media accounts, growing our following for future arts events.

6 Ways Organizations Can Support This Sector

  • Local shops and venues will host arts events (i.e. Art Walk) to benefit the creation of public art in Conway. This could be in the form of ticket sales, art sales, or percentage of retail sales benefitting arts in Conway.
  • Small, medium, and large businesses can offer volunteer and corporate giving opportunities to their teams. Large sponsors are offered naming rights to public art installations.
  • Organizations will be offered opportunities to involve employees in the creation of Conway arts installations (i.e. Nabholz employees submit roundabout art ideas!)
  • Local creative agencies will collaborate to create a brand identity and marketing plan for promoting Arts in Conway. (i.e. Conway Public Arts Map)
  • Local broadcasters, news outlets and publications (i.e. 501, Log Cabin) will include promotion of public art.
  • High-visibility businesses will have prominent public art installations.

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