Vision Statement

Conway has a national reputation for providing area residents with rewarding career opportunities and businesses with a competitive environment.

10 Goals

  • In 2035, Conway has an active “Economic Development Fund,” restored and replenished since 2023, so that job-creating infrastructure can be funded.
  • In 2035, Conway has a reputation as a community that is welcoming and inclusive to diverse professionals from around the country and world.
  • In 2035, Conway has a widely used, well-known system in place where every student is exposed to currently available regional courses and training opportunities so that we break down barriers while also creating new opportunities, including those for adult learners.
  • In 2035, Conway is a location of choice for remote workers, with provided best-in-the-country technology infrastructure for all residents and businesses (up to developer-level) for free or extremely affordable and opportunities (e.g. modular remote work locations).
  • In 2035, Conway has a full audit and public awareness campaign of all of the workforce-related, job creation assets we have through high schools, colleges, and nonprofits to determine what are they offering, what funding options are available, what employers need and how to connect them in a meaningful way to identify gaps in investments and opportunities.
  • In 2035, Conway has shovel-ready industrial sites that are attractive to the largest scale manufacturers.
  • In 2035, Conway has an “I am Conway” campaign to highlight the career possibilities in Conway, with a hub that can be accessed by parents, students, and prospective recruits, showcasing why Conway is a great place to live and work while highlighting residents and all the good stuff already going on.
  • In 2035, Conway has a community that is known for information technology and nationally recognized as a tech innovation hub with a strong pipeline to our education system.
  • In 2035, Conway is celebrating 15 years of household earnings among the fastest growing in the country.
  • In 2035, Conway has a system for identifying and evaluating potential industrial and manufacturing sites in the region so that the Conway region is nationally relevant for available manufacturing and production jobs.

7 Ways Individuals Can Support Job Creation

  • Tell your story about why Conway and why are you here. Speak positively and finish in an “economic frame.”
  • Invite friends and family to visit Conway and prepare yourself as a host- be able to share the Conway experience. Visitors may one day be residents, bringing new talent and skills.
  • Be an ambassador for job and education opportunities. Share them on social media.
  • Be welcoming to college students. Their integration into the community would lead to a higher likelihood of staying after college, keeping their new skills in the region.
  • Support a culture of work (hire kids to rake leaves, stop at lemonade stands, etc.).
  • Have open diversity conversations with other companies to mentor them on the importance of diversity to businesses. This could help bridge a gap.
  • Contribute to skill enhancement programs (teaching kids to read, career days, apprenticeships, financial literacy, etc.)

6 Ways Organizations Can Support Job Creation

  • Large businesses can leverage their position and create sector partnerships to create apprenticeships, boost wages and hire diverse candidates in executive positions
  • Small businesses active on social media can leverage their presence and skills to recruit businesses and people to the downtown area, assist other local businesses with their online presence, and lift up community matters
  • Local utility providers can leverage existing community outreach to expand free or low-cost broadband to all households and assist with recruiting new companies and increasing opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Local Chamber of Commerce can advocate for the business community and serve as the “champion of the community” by bringing people together and leading economic development efforts.
  • Large businesses provide jobs and can give and promote tours to teachers, parents, kids, etc. to expose them to the idea of manufacturing.
  • Businesses can leverage a good reputation by being a business ambassador, such as working with the Conway Chamber of Commerce to supply samples for guest welcome baskets.

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