Vision Statement

Conway empowers and enriches our community by instilling a sense of culture, higher level thinking, and lifelong learning utilizing fine arts, music, and public performance.

10 Goals

  • In 2035, Conway will form an Office of Cultural Affairs for the city of Conway that includes opportunities for internships.
  • In 2035, Conway will have a dedicated City of Conway/Conway Area Chamber of Commerce employee that works directly with Arts Organizations in our community.
  • In 2035, Conway will have created a community arts calendar that markets all Conway Arts events with the goal of assessing the number of weekly events.
  • In 2035, Conway will evaluate existing voluntary tax and evaluate other potential funding mechanisms to provide dedicated funding for public art, live events, artists, etc.
  • In 2035, Conway will offer funding to our community members to ensure that all residents have access to quality arts instruction.
  • In 2035, Conway will connect our community to the professional artists in our community and touring artists that perform in University venues through various master classes, performances, and other arts access opportunities.
  • In 2035, Conway will obtain funding and begin the remodel of The Grand Theatre.
  • In 2035, Conway will have indoor and outdoor state-of-the-art venues that fulfill the needs of our artists and community.
  • In 2035, Conway will achieve a reputation as a thriving artist community that supports emerging artists.
  • In 2035, Conway will appropriately staff the Office of Cultural Affairs for sustainability and growth.

5 Ways Individuals Can Support This Sector

  • Coordinate with influencers that can help market events through social media, marketing and public relations.
  • Volunteer your time and finances to support the arts community.
  • Attend performances and invite friends to attend with you.
  • Stay actively engaged by participating in education and outreach.
  • Act as an arts advocate in your personal and professional circles.

5 Ways Organizations Can Support This Sector

  • Seek out and engage in sponsorship opportunities.
  • Develop communication lines between the arts community and higher education leaders to discuss the possibility of collaborations, shadowing opportunities, master classes, etc.
  • Promote Conway arts events and programs to customers and partners of the organization through co-marketing to assist in amplifying messages.
  • Develop interest groups within your organization to support the arts.
  • Donate in-kind services within your organization.

Get Involved with Fine Arts and Performances in Conway!